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Why Product Placement

Product Placement?

Now that the New Year has come alive, its time to dive into product placement! The first question that I am always asked when I say what I do full time is...Why product placement? I like to say 'Why Not?!'

10 years ago, when I was producing my first Independent film I had the hardest time finding an Investor that wanted to take a risk on a first-time filmmaker, so I had to think of other funding options. I remember reading my script again and looking at all the props, and wardrobe I needed and thought why not ask a company to donate their product in exchange for advertising. This was a time when product placement wasn't talked about much and it still had a negative feeling with Indie filmmakers. With my marketing and sells background, I realized that I can offer advertising to companies while getting everything I needed to achieve my film. Personally, since then I have not used an Investor for any of my personal projects until this year when working on my upcoming International television series. Even with the series, we have secured phenomenal amount of product placement that I am extremely proud of.

I'm lucky to be acquired by producers worldwide to help secure funding or donations with product placement. Each project presents its' own challenges and I continue to get a rush with each product placement deal. Since 2012, there has been an increase in product placement for music videos. This is a market that I love, it's fast and the advertising is more instant for product companies. Normally, the release date for a music video in within 1-2 months depending on the Artist, but it's a quick turn-around versus waiting for a Film/TV premiere. There has been an extreme raise and awareness with product placement in Indie films which truly makes me happy. Filmmakers are more open and seek out product placement now as an addition to their other funding sources.

Now, when do you begin seeking out product placement deals? It really depends on the project. So many factors come into play when it comes to product placement and the value of each placement opportunity like the following: budget, storyline and estimate distribution plans. Begin looking at what you can offer a product company for advertising once your script is finalized. Sit down with your producing team and see what advertising you can offer aside from on-screen presence that will not break your budget. Talk about pricing options and create packages to present to potential companies. Think about advertising that will hold value up to 5 years. What can you offer at your film or web series premiere? Are you able to offer advertising in Behind-the-Scenes footage? Think long-tern advertising always! Companies will love you for it!

Next time, I will go into what you need in order to present a product placement deal to a company.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and I hope to continue to show some insight on product placement.



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