CEO - Kristin R. Thomas

Kristin R. Thomas has accomplished more within the state lines of North Carolina than what often takes many filmmakers within the Los Angeles city lines years to accomplish. From young film buff to a self-taught film student, with a strong appetite for knowledge, it's no wonder that Thomas now calls the shots at her own production company.


After attending Appalachian State University, Thomas got a job at Cutters Production as a Production Assistant and the Executive Assistant. While working at Cutters Productions, Kristin knew her heart belonged to film. In faith, Thomas quit her job and the next day started working as a Producer for a feature film.  Not looking back, Kristin Thomas started producing Indie films and specializing in product placement as a funding source for Film/TV, web content, theatrical plays, and print photography shoots.  Thomas is currently the Producer and Host for the LGBTQ luxurious travel blog and series, “Trip Out." 


Kristin continues to provide production services for motion picture studios and Indie filmmakers worldwide. 



MountainGirl Productions has partnered with Anderson Build Homes to create affordable luxurious real estate properties.  Kristin is conquering the real estate market and the entertainment businesses while volunteering her services to local organizations. Thomas currently resides in Asheville, North Carolina with her wife and cockapoo dog-child named Beast. 






                                  Office: 704-369-1492




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